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Driving Positions

Requiring a private hire driving license, issued by South Gloucestershire Council.

We are recruiting self-employed badge holders to drive our vehicles. You may have your own car but thinking of not renewing plates, while still wanting to drive. You may have a badge and looking for new opportunities, you may not have a badge yet, maybe we can help.


Hourly paid position, driving good quality saloon cars and people carriers. Requirements are smart appearance, excellent customer service skills and of course first-class driving ability.


We offer good quality work, largely airport transfer (Heathrow most regularly) and other business travel.


We allow you to choose what you do, it may be 1 day per week or 5. It could be you prefer mornings, evenings, weekdays, or weekends.


Every job is offered, and you have the freedom to accept, or decline without penalty.

If you would like to know more, please give me a call to discuss, or send an email

01454 313 227


Links below to South Gloucestershire Licensing information

How to become a dual hackney carriage (taxi) and/or private hire driver | South Gloucestershire Council (


Private-Hire-Driver-Guidance.pdf (

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