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Gloucester Cathedral

Silverline have been taking guests to see Gloucester Cathedral for over 20 years.

Film Locations

Sightseeing Tours of Gloucester with Silverline Cars

Gloucester Cathedral, formally the Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, in Gloucester, England, stands in the north of the city near the River Severn. It originated in 678 or 679 with the foundation of an abbey dedicated to Saint Peter (dissolved by Henry VIII).

Film and TV location


The cathedral was used as a location for filming the firstsecond and sixth Harry Potter films.

  • Doctor Who


In 2008, the cathedral was used by BBC Wales as a location for the Doctor Who Christmas special "The Next Doctor".


In 2019 it was used again to film on location for series 12, episode 5; "Fugitive of the Judoon".


  • The Hollow Crown


The cathedral was used as a filming location in the BBC's series The Hollow Crown (an adaption of Shakespeare's Henry IV parts 1 and 2).


  • Wolf Hall

The interior of the cathedral represented the court of another King Henry, Henry VIII, in the BBC's adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, first broadcast in January 2015.


  • Sherlock

In 2015, the cathedral was used as a location to film the Sherlock special "The Abominable Bride".

Airport Transfer Service to Gloucester



For transfers between airports and hotels we will quote per journey based on vehicle type and distance


Our sightseeing tours are charged by the hour, from leaving base until returning to base.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are not qualified tour guides, we are all local peolpe with a deep interest in the area that we live, and love to  pass on our knowledge

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