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Henry William Fox Talbot

Silverline have been taking guests to see the Fox Talbot museum for over 20 years.

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Sightseeing Tours to the Fox Talbot museum with Silverline Cars

The Henry William Fox Talbot Museum is in Lacock, Wiltshire.

A pioneer of photography, a member of the UK parliament, an inventor and scientist. Fox Talbot was also an astronomer, archaeologist and eminent mathematician.

Born in Melbury, Dorset in February 1800. He came from a well respected family although his father passed away when he was less than 12 months old. In 1817 he started his studies at Cambridge University.


Henry William Fox Talbot eventually developed the three primary elements of photography. Developing, fixing and printing. This all grew from a frustration some years earlier at his inability to sketch the scenery when visiting Lake Como in Italy.

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