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Caen Hill Locks

Silverline have been taking guests to see Caen Hill Locks for over 20 years.

Sightseeing Tours to Caen Hill Locks with Silverline Cars

The Kennet and Avon canal was opened on December 28th, 1809. The final part of the canals 87 mile route was at the top of a very steep hill in Devises. The 29 locks at Caen Hill, Devises must be one of the most spectacular lock flights in England. 16 of the locks are in a straight line which makes for an impressive perspective.


They were the solution to taking the canal up such a steep hill designed by engineer John Rennie. The 16 locks in close succession were required due to the severe incline of the hill.


The normal use of water pounds was not possible because of the close proximity of the locks. So John Rennie built large side ponds which are used to replace the water in each lock after use. In total there are 29 locks within a distance of slightly over 2 miles.


The last cargo between London and Bristol was carried along the canal before 1900, although some local traffic continued. After years of neglect the canal was reopened by the Queen in 1990.

Caen Hill is a haven for a rich variety of wildlife. Early in the summer you can see swans and their signets among the bull rushes and reeds. Mallards and moorhens are a regular sight, dragonflies and damselflies provide summer colour and you may also encounter bats in the evenings.

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