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War Horse

Scenes in the main village in the story were filmed at the Wiltshire village of Castle Combe near Chippenham


Filming began there on 21 September 2010 and continued until 1 October 2010.


Some residents of Castle Combe were angered by the imposition of tightened security within the village, claiming they could not enter the village without waiting at perimeter barriers until breaks in filming.

After Castle Combe, the production moved on to Wisley Airfield in Surrey, where no man's land battlefield scenes were filmed.


Shooting of wartime camp scenes also took place for about two weeks from 4 October 2010 at Bourne Wood near Farnham in Surrey, a frequent location for filming.


On 13–14 October 2010, scenes were shot at the stately home Luton Hoo.


Filming was also scheduled to be undertaken at Caerwent in Wales. Studio filming was undertaken at Longcross StudiosChertsey in Surrey and at Twickenham Film Studios.


The film shoot was completed in the last week of October 2010,[29] with the entire film, French scenes included, being shot in the U.K., apart from some pick-up shots of a bay foal filmed in March 2011 in California.



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