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Silverline have been taking guests to see Stonehenge for over 20 years.

Sightseeing Tours to Stonehenge with Silverline Cars

Stonehenge in Wiltshire is one of the most requested destinations by Guests on our Sightseeing Tours.

When you visit Stonehenge with Silverline Cars you need to allow between 60 and 90 minutes for the visit.


Once there you can make use of the excellent audio guides which are available in multiple languages. These give you a thorough guide through the history of this amazing prehistoric site.


The archaeological monument you see now was completed approximately 3500 years ago, although the construction of the site actually dates back as much as 5000 years.

Airport Transfer Service to Stonehenge

Film Locations



For transfers between airports and hotels we will quote per journey based on vehicle type and distance


Our sightseeing tours are charged by the hour, from leaving base until returning to base.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are not qualified tour guides, we are all local peolpe with a deep interest in the area that we live, and love to  pass on our knowledge

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