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Harry Potter

This is an ideal tour to undertake when transferring between London and Bristol or Bath – if you are leaving from Central London or Heathrow Airport it is approximately one  hour to the studio, from Bristol or Bath about two hours.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour


‘The Making of Harry Potter’.


Harry Potter is the most successful film series in history, this attraction is truly unique and allows you to experience the real magic that has gone into creating the franchise. 

All eight Harry Potter films were made here and you will be able to see how creatures were created by the use of amazing make up and prosthetics. You can also see the film sets of:

  • Potions classroom

  • Hagrid’s hut, the home of Rubeus Hagrid

  • The backlot, home to exterior sets including Privet Drive and Hogwarts Bridge

  • Creature effects, where creatures and intricate prosthetics were built, including Lord Voldemort’s snake like face!

  • Diagon Alley where you can see the dusty Ollivanders wand shop, the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop and much more!

  • The Great Hall, one of Hogwarts Castle’s most recognizable locations

  • Professor Dumbledore’s office

  • The Ministry of Magic, the wizarding world’s centre of government in Britain

  • Hogwarts Castle model , the jewel in the crown of the art department!!

  • Gryffindor common room and boys’ dormitory

  • The Weasley kitchen, including the magical self washing frying pan and unique Weasley family clock

After this amazing tour we will transfer you to you destination to continue your holiday.

Don’t forget that we can incorporate a drive through the southern end of the beautiful Cotswolds between the studio and Bristol or Bath.

Entrance fees are not included. 



For transfers between airports and hotels we will quote per journey based on vehicle type and distance


Our sightseeing tours are charged by the hour, from leaving base until returning to base.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are not qualified tour guides, we are all local peolpe with a deep interest in the area that we live, and love to  pass on our knowledge

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