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Symonds Yat

Silverline have been taking guests to see Symonds Yat for over 20 years.

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Sightseeing Tours of Symonds Yat with Silverline Cars

Symonds Yat is a village in the Wye Valley and a popular tourist destination, straddling the River Wye in the English county of Herefordshire, very close to the Gloucestershire border. It is within a few miles of Monmouthshire and the Welsh border.

The two settlements either side of the river are known as Symonds Yat (West) and Symonds Yat (East) and are linked by a footbridge and passenger ferries. Nearby is Symonds Yat Rock.

The ferry at Symonds Yat has always played a huge part in the life here. In 1800 there were 25 hand ferries between Ross and Chepstow just like those outside Ye Old Ferrie Inn and the Saracen's Head today. They were introduced in Roman times to link the forts of the Doward and the Yat and have served military, civilian, tourist and horse traffic over the years.

Airport Transfer Service to Symonds yat



For transfers between airports and hotels we will quote per journey based on vehicle type and distance


Our sightseeing tours are charged by the hour, from leaving base until returning to base.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are not qualified tour guides, we are all local peolpe with a deep interest in the area that we live, and love to  pass on our knowledge

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